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About us

About VV's Adult Support Centre Corp.

VV'S Adult Support Centre Corp. is a non-profit organization located in Ajax. Our service provides support to seniors in need. Our services are open to individuals 50+ years or adults recovering from medical injuries and illness. Originally created in 2003, we have relaunched with a new program initiative on August 18th, 2020.


We provide pick up for medication and grocery delivery, appointments for transportation, health and wellness webinars, and our weekly online fitness workshops to keep those in need healthy and safe. 

Through our service, we work towards promoting independence in a safe and pleasant environment. Many elderly citizens struggle to stay out of nursing homes and hospitals but find that they require help with good preparation and personal care. They express a desire for basic companionship or a need for assistance, but they prefer not to impose on their own family members or are left abandoned by their families. Concerned family members may be forced to acknowledge that it has become increasingly difficult to take care of the elderly alongside their own families.

Many of these elderly adults are either single or widowed and may have even outlived other relatives or friends. If they are left alone at home, confusion or forgetfulness may leave them at risk and may affect their ability to independently care for themselves.

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