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At VV's Adult Support Centre, we understand the needs of seniors and the lack of resources to satisfy those needs. To provide daily care and relief from isolation VV's Adult Support Centre proudly presents the Adult Day Care for senior citizens along with disabled adults. If one is to suffer from injury and is currently recovering from said ailment, the day care welcomes them to join as well. The day care specializes in social care where, while being social, they will receive round-the-clock care by certified Personal Support Workers.


This program is to provide senior citizens and disabled adults a place to be social and to get away from their sometimes isolated households. During the day, they will engage in fun activities such as: arts & crafts, games, cooking/baking, music programs, family nights and much more. This will allow them to meet new friends along with spending time with long-time friends. Majority of senior citizens seek companionship due to the loss of loved ones or because of isolation. This will give them an opportunity to share stories with other elderly patrons and be more social. As a result, they will feel healthier due to their environment rather than being left alone all day. A lot of time the elderly citizens just want someone to talk to whether they are younger or older. They have a lifetimes worth of experiences and stories and nothing makes them happier than being able to share them with others.


The facility will be operational Monday to Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M, and costs $80.00 per day per client. VV's Adult Support Centre Adult Day Care is held in Ontario.

Adult Day Care

What to Expect

  • Assistance with daily tasks

  • Transportation to appointments

  • Daily activities

  • Aids with personal care

  • Safe & Secure Environment

  • Improvement in both mental & physical health

  • Increase level of independence

  • Socialization

Why Join?

Spend your days engaging in a fun and social environment where you will receive the care you need while participating in activities and games. The friendly and loving staff makes you feel welcome and at home. There is never a dull moment and the environment is calm, cool and relaxing. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy your time.

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