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VV'S Recruiting Agency

VV's Adult Support Centre Corp. proudly presents the new job recruiting agency. The aim of the agency is to help individuals in Ontario seek employment opportunities in Alberta, specifically Calgary, Fort McMurray and Edmonton. The province of Alberta has become a booming market for employment due to its vast abundance of natural resources and economic growth and stimulus. VV's Adult Support Centre is aware of the difficulty employee's face in securing employment in the job market, however this recruiting agency is to help ease the stress of find a career and to connect individuals with appropriate careers based on their skills & attributes. 


The process is as follows:

  • Collect qualified individuals from Ontario

  • Seek employers in Alberta seeking applicants

  • Match individuals to employers based on job requirements and skills of individuals

  • Arrange interviews with the employer and several qualified applicants in Ontario

  • Assist applicants in obtaining the employment opportunity

Areas of career interest include:

  • Art

  • Business & Administration

  • Construction & Trades

  • Culture

  • Engineering

  • Farming, Fishing & Natural Resource

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Health

  • IT & Information Science

  • Natural Science

  • Management

  • Manufacturing & Processing

  • Recreation & Sports

  • Sales & Service

  • Social

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

For the employer

VV's Adult Support Centre is dedicated to providing employers with qualified candidates to fill and satisfy the job position. We will ensure all potential candidates will have their Police Check completed prior to interview, have their CPR Certification and other preliminary certifications and licensing’s. This process optimizes the usage of time by minimizing the time needed to complete these tasks. Majority of the time, people are unaware of jobs that are available and as a result they feel there are no jobs. Our focus is to eliminate that idea by informing and matching applicants with appropriate career placements. We understand that the populous in Alberta may not be qualified for certain positions or there aren't enough individuals seeking employment and as a result the large population in Ontario increases the chances of finding a suitable employee. This is a great way for employers to find the best candidates suitable to fill their positions. With the help of VV's Adult Support Centre, finding employees will be very quick and efficient while providing qualified individuals to suit your needs.

Recruiting Experience of Veronica Vernon

Throughout the past several years Veronica has taken many visits to Alberta with the sole purpose to explore current employment opportunities within the province. During her time in Fort McMurray she has visited many job fairs and has determined there are an abundant amount of opportunities available for various types of industries. After speaking to recruiters at the job fair she noticed that they were very quick to interview and hire as they themselves are vastly looking to fill positions. To further her research she engaged in friendly conversation with citizens and co-workers of her family. She would finish the conversations with career and job related topics. To her surprise she found that they (Mostly contractors) needed workers to fill several positions and were looking for employees. Knowing a few qualified individuals, she referred the seeking employers to the seeking applicants and as a result the job positions were filled and the individuals were now happily employed. This experience helped identify the need for a medium for employers and employees to connect and inspired Veronica to create an agency that can help mediate the connection and ease the employment process for both parties. Due to her aforementioned experience, Veronica is a suitable intermediate to help guide people towards successful careers.

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